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Some pictures from our 2002 hunts....
We look forward to any time we can share time around a campfire with our friends...

Marks Unit #8 Bull
Taken 11/16/02 07:20, single .30-06 shot brought this raghorn down. Thanks for all of the help Mary.
A co-workers son Sean took a nice Arizona bull in 6A
Good Job !!!
Mark, Ray & Anthony
Me with my scoped .54 cal muzzle loader
Ted and Brittany
Brittanys first Mule deer. Another good shot with the .22-250, Great job Brittany. Once again, a team effort pays off for the Spradlings.

I love seeing kids (young adults) get out in the field and doing all of the right things. 8^)

Ray & Hunter
Nice tent !
20B Javelina on the run... We'll be back in Febuary looking for him.
Mary and I drew 2003 Rifle Javelina tags 8^)

Hopefully 2003 will be even better.....